Saturday, November 24, 2007

Aleister Crowley and Guatama Buddha

A recurring problem with mysticism is that the seeker often neglects the work of the lower chakras before opening the crown chakra, the gateway to intelligent infinity. This can easily lead to personality disintegration, mental illness, and seclusion. Crowley was positive polarity, sought much, but the silence of meditation, and balanced chakras must be attended to. L/L research, in their library of Light/lines newsletters, has a great article Nov. 2007 about the magical entity. Once service to others is chosen, one acquires the power thru that devotion to principle. The Buddha, the Compassionate, transcended Maya, the world of glamour and opposites, only with greater discipline. The essential unity of all things is at the heart of the creation. Jack Kornfield in a Path with Heart talks about this issue in his chapter about putting on the brakes.


Steve said...

I'll have to look into opening my crown chakra up first. Thank you for that information & for reading my blog. The book is a nice read. It looked as if some of your comment was chopped off. Was it?


radcliffe said...

Steve, no it wasn't chopped, I just ended it because, you know, I have the same work to do in opening chakras, aka undoing confusion, too. The info. is from a source I trust rather than from my own experience. Hence I gather?