Monday, April 28, 2008

The Immigrants Tale

It was the case with the Irish coming into America, displacing poorer Protestants. Then it was the case as the Mediteranean Catholics came and displaced them at the lower end of the economic strata. Followed by the blacks coming up from the south, displacing the Catholics, in factory neighborhoods and the riots that followed. Now we see the Mexicans putting their own face upon the landscape, of low wages and plentiful labor. It is hard to imagine the recent boom in housing across this country without the hardworking stonemason, gardener, laborer, Mexican construction worker literally paving the way. In the poitical reflection of this it is perfectly understandable to note that the blue collar and Catholic voter has a hard time with Obama, just as most of the Protestants had a hard time with Catholic Kennedy. Before that I'm sure there are other examples, where moneyed easterners may have turned up there noses to midwestern self-made men. Or Yale men snubbing Cheney types.
The empowered masses act as a body, clinging to gut instincts. So the pattern continues and we continue to evolve. The younger crowd embraces the new, having no memory of the bad ol' days of civil strife and scratching out a living. In Masonry we choose to hold to the ideal, even as the evil humors of the country pour out bileous remembrance.
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