Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Law of Confusion

Also known as the Law of Freewill, it is said to be the governing principle of this veiled reality. The seeker spends some time finding suitable answers to the big questions, often they are the answers that were given in youth, but the reasons why they are true just aren't adequately laid out. Confusion is seen in hindsight, when the full measure of learning has been accomplished. And once the individuals truth is formulated, the intentions of the individual will be undertaken.
They say that it is the Logos' Plan, that we should seek in relative darkness, in order to appreciate the light. Were it not for the distortions which are manifested from Love/Light and Freewill, the Plan affords the accelerated teaching in this polarized freewill plane/density. We wouldn't know the suffering and sorrow which duality provides, nor the faith, nor the struggle, nor the choice of service, of which principle to serve, the light or the dark.
So we must find our own answers that ring true. As it should be, freely chosen, as with faith, which requires a state where proof of God is unavailable. The so called leap of faith can occur only in freewill therefore. Add to this, the fact that the material polarized world often rewards selfish interest. And so it appears the Logos plan is a bit of a contrarian one. The well trodden selfish path leads to the adversary, That Which is Not, the Illusion, the dark pyramid of enslavement and power over others, and the one less followed leads to the Collective of freedom and collective understanding.
So this Law of Confusion, of freewill is the primary Law, the law where the choice is made, the choice which tempers the metal of the soul, the fire of catalyst. Thanks for the opportunity to share this viewpoint.
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