Friday, February 20, 2009

The Vanity of Man

"What hast thou learned. Canst thou tell why the grass is green, or why one rose is red and another white, or the mountains raised up or the valleys sunken low? Or why a man was not made to fly as a bird, or live in the water like a fish? Whence came the thought of shame? Even thyself thou dost not comprehend. Jehovih blows his breath upon the planet and lo man comes forth, inquiring : Who am I, and what is my destiny." The time has come in our present economic situation for alittle humility. The smartest guys in the room, the the traders, bankers, lawyers, attorneys, and elected officials, lining their pockets and leading us to this debacle. Lets hope the arrogance gets wiped away with the times. The quote's from Gods book of Ben in Oahspe
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