Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nuclear Power, Maldek, and The Art of War

The use of nuclear energy causes consternation in this country. The French have a standardized model, a single blueprint that is used for their plants of smaller generating capacity. While the green movement could focus on unifying behind small scale nuclear power generation. It is said that those souls who came from the destoyed planet Maldek of which nothing remains except the asteroid belt, wish to have a second chance at the proper use of nuclear power. Importantly though, what is the moral dilemma if we go ahead with them, but tell Iran that they can't do so. That is elitist and will surely lead to debacle. In the newspaper the other day there was a solar tower power station which used salt to store power in liquid form, enabling continuos generation. The funny thing was that it was just mothballed, not exciting enough I quess. Can't we just do something safe, and not maximize profiteering for a chanage. Lets not have Iran developing a fat boy for our provocative brothers in Jerusalem, who seem unable to convince the Islamic world of their right to exist. . The Koran is a great source for law as to reparations, why don't we just find out who owned the homes taken over by the Jewish state and pay them all a million dollars each, then lets stop throwing money at the problem. Nothing breeds envy like seeing your usurping neighbors get rich, while you still live behind the walls in squalor with that same chip on the shoulder. Lets get off the oil, think a bit further than 2 weeks down the road. We sat on our fat asses for 30 years, driving around in SUVs, Hummers and whatever huge vehicle came along, we ahd the electric car, and as soon as GM could change the California law they crushed all the cars, we could've developed solar energy and benefitted the whole world. Who can blame the Oil states for wanting to preserve their sole asset. That's why they want us out of there. And as to China, they enable Korea. A starving million man army in a failed nuclear state is a fairly dangerous entity. After all China seems to have no problem slapping around the priestly state of Tibet.

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