Monday, October 10, 2016

The Almighty Dollar

The insecurity of the American people, reflected in our current political morass, may have its basis in the intuition that we, as a country living beyond our means, with no path back. We have a massive social security, medicare, military and interest cost indebtedness,  which no amount of increased taxation could remedy, and no massive infusion of revenue could remedy. This is compounded by the fact that rather than address the issue, all we have to do is keep the printing presses cranking out $100.00 bills, and as long as  inflation is tame and no other currency gains supremacy in the world, no one seems to object. Sooner or later though, historical evidence suggests, it will catch up with us. When some one else in the world acquires a dollar, its because they have produced a dollar of productivity. That is not the case here, The Federal Reserve calls the shots, and circulates as much money as it thinks is needed. And the debt is geometrically exploding. That makes most of us nervous.
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