Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bornholm Templar Geometry

On the Island of Bornholm in Scandinavia is the most unigue bunch of churches, or Kirks, as relates to their geometric orientation over that whole island. A virtual study in sacred euclidian geometry. Check out the book The Templars Secret Island by Haagensen and decide for yourself. At the very least the whole number system of measurement useful for our ancient brethren, at the back of the book is vital. The round churches are Templar design, and it is known that the island was named Burgunderland and is tied to the Templar story.


Tom Accuosti said...


He's... he's dead, Jim.

Full ahead, Mr. Sulu; Warp 8.

radcliffe said...

Tom.....somehow I knew it would be my blogmentor ribbing me. Low and behold.....