Sunday, December 16, 2007

Prana and Pyramids

That Prana exists is accepted; divine energy which courses within the geometry of the physical. When I see ice on a window growing in crystalline forms resembling a fern, I think of prana. Ra attributes the function of the Pyramids of Initiation to the funneling of prana which occurs in that shape, for the benefit of the Entered Apprentice, or whatever name was used for the initiate. The shape helps to bring in the downward reaching energy from on high, and help the energy of the upward reaching Seeker. Also that some where built to balance the energy streamings of the earth, it is suggested that the Bermuda triangle anomaly is the result of a balancing pyramid having been there. As man has evolved, supposededly we no longer need such an edifice to properly channel prana. If it's true, then that is something anyway.
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