Friday, December 7, 2007

Tesla, A Great and Good Man

Nikola Tesla, the inventor of AC current enabled the modern era. His desire was to bring mankind out of darkness. We xenophobically nominate Edison for this invention, but it was the European educated Serbian Tesla. I would wager that his invention has reduced the karmic burden of the planet by exponential factors, lessening mens enslavement and destruction of eachother and also enabling the population of the planet to explode, thus so many souls are able to experience a life of contemplation and freedom. This quasi angelic person is among the greatest men of the age. His thinking also has been put to a vast misuse, on the part of the military developing war technology, confusing the national collective identity and disabling attempts at the Brotherhood of Mankind. Boys with Toys, whoever dies with the most of these wins. Not likely. Was he a mason, though he did have friends who were, not least among them, Mark Twain, I think it unlikely that he was because he did not like to touch people. The masonic ritual requires that at the very least a man learn the grips in open lodge. This alone may have dissuaded the great Magi Nikola Tesla from considering submitting a petition.
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