Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Atlantis and Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce often referred to Atlantis, Ra also speaks of their existence. Ra, which calls itself a social/memory complex of origins beyond earth, says that 11,000 years ago 40% of the worlds population died as a result of the wars of Atlantis, which caused its landmass to be inundated. It says that three positively oriented groups left Atlantis before its demise, going to the mountains of Turkey, Peru, and Tibet. Before the advent of nuclear devices it would be hard to conceive of a weapon that could cause earth changes, but certainly as we know the power of the atom it could be that another type of energy use could have been discovered which could cause such destruction. Cayce often mentioned Atlantis in connection with reincarnated souls, that could explain why many are so intuitively against the use of nuclear weapons, and other advanced technologies for war. Wouldn't it be interesting if genetic commonalites were found to relate the peoples of Tibet and Peru. Ra of The Law of One, speaks of Atlantis and references Edgar Cayce as one who could read the Akashic Records. The Logos or Creator intended for this plane, 3 cycles of 25000 years, within which Atlantis was during this final cycle. We as co-creators or sub-logos, have by seniority of vibration this last incarnation to determine the final quality of our faiths metal. To live by the golden rule is the first step, those of Atlantis, as has occurred many times within the freewill plane throughout creation made their lands uninhabitable through abuse of technology, turned to war and abuse. Thats a synopsis of Cayces reading in the hall of records.

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