Sunday, February 17, 2008

Judgement Day

The catalyst we experience now is categorized often here as the fight of good vs. evil. I myself while trying to see beyond the fear generated by those in power, still characterize this catalyst as such. The war is about thought, according to Quo, on L/L website...that of fear and contraction vs radiance and blossoming of love. When each person has had adequate time/incarnations to make the decision of polarity service and attained the grading of purity which he/she will carry forward, into the next cycle. Most of us will repeat the grade of choice, called by Ra the 3rd density, some of us will form a collective/memory complex of souls and be shepherded into a new age called the 4th density by Ra, where polarity exists but interaction between negative and positive is not necesssary for work to occur. This is another way of saying that the earth will indeed bring in that long foretold new Jerusalem, for the earth will be positive and each will know the nature of each. The metamorphosis would be great indeed and wouldn't we strive to be found worthy to enter, and isn't it good that it is here even without our coming together as a species. The great Infinite Intelligence separates wheat from chaff, and even the chaff will again be turned into the ground for another cycle of growing. As always no proof of any of this will ever be found, by the early evolving sould, for faith requires the veil.
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