Friday, February 15, 2008

Sparks of the Creator

If everything that exists is made of Gods energy, and if in the beginning was only God, then everything that exists, both seen and unseen is Gods making out of Itself. That means ultimately we are sparks of God, made of God stuff. So all that exists, good, bad, indifferent, animate or inaniminate is also, and so when we look in the mirror we should see the Creator, and when we look at eachother, we are looking at reflections of ourselves, just distorted by freewill into other forms. So compassion is the logical choice for one who is attempting to love self. In Freemasonry we see that all mankind is the creation of God and brothers to eachother. To hate or fear one another is a form of self loathing. Could it be the Creator is getting to know itself.
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