Sunday, May 25, 2008

Grand Architect of the Universe

In my opinion, (my Grandpa always said, if one should opine, preface it as such, Bro. Otto Francis, was an upright 50 yr. mason of Minnesota), the subject of God is gaining clarity. It is all that is, it is all encompassing and infinite. It is mystery clad beyond a certain horizon. It is loving and granting of freewill, order and chaos. It is learning, breathing universes and spirit. If you fused all our religions, I think we would grasp it better. Like Oahspe, we are in just a moment, at the moment, yet infinity too is our inheritance, thanks be to God, may this little planets people find order and progress together. That's my take on the Grand Architect of the Universe. Its strikes me as odd, but then Im an odd fellow, now we have all this info. about It, we even more are required to burn off the dross, hard work no matter the metal.
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