Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tabs for Tots

No, we are not a civic group, but we are dedicated to charity. The Tabs for Tots program is one that requires such a minimal effort on the part of the brother, that it often is just forgotten. The Tabs from cans by the way are collected and sold as aluminum by weight. The proceeds go to Shrine Hospitals. One has to consider that a brother who will make no effort to remember this small act is not really even conscious of his actions or really doesn't care. That is a problem.


Tom Accuosti said...

I just want to point out that the tabs are small, and it takes an incredible number of them in order to make up the amount at which scrap dealers are going to pay for the aluminum.

Instead of constantly reminding people to save the tabs, why not make efforts to get the entire cans themselves? Sponsor can and bottle drives and have monthly or weekly pickups. In Connecticut, each can has a $.05 deposit; a few trash bags full of cans is going to pull in a lot more dollars for charity than several months worth of tab collecting.

Widow's Son said...

Excellent point, Bro. Tom.

Who started this tabs thing, and why don't they want the whole can? My son is constantly asking me to save tabs for his school, and I do, but I don't use many cans in my home.

The tabs are a nuisance to keep up with, what with their jagged points if you don't pull them off just right. I'm already recycling newspapers, magazines and plastic; why don't the schools, or Tabs for Tots, want the entire can?

Widow's Son

Radcliffe said...

Well the assumption is that few people would be interested in the legwork of recycling the cans, the collection of monies would be erratic potentially and people might be less inclined to part with the cash than the tab. The monies for scrap comes into the 10s of thousands of dollars.