Saturday, October 18, 2008

Serrendipidy and coincidence

As we are aware, there is the world of cause and effect. There is also the world of more seemingly random occurrence, which it is said is that from which the spirit speaks to the conscious mind. The pendulum has swung toward the limit of what the empirical world can present, and now leads us to integrate science back into the knowledge of antiquity, of spirit, as we begin to see the spirit at the center of the physical and consciousness as the root of the material world. To feel at all times part of the unity of All That Is, that's being open to the magical personality within. Watchfulness is required, to note reflections of self and messages of spirit around us.

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Masonic Traveler said...

But is cause and effect separate from this world, or the LAW of this world. Even those things not perceptible by us today, are still the effect of some causation somewhere. Is there such a thing as random? I think this points back to the principal of correspondence, all things correspondence to another.. how is often the mystery.