Sunday, December 21, 2008

Freemasonry and Environmentalism

We tout ourselves as the fraternity with the highest regard for science. If this is true then we should be in the vanguard of societies attempting to address the issues confronting this planet as regards carbon emission caused greenhouse effects. Our Grandlodges could make a statement to the world that we consider this to be the greatest problem confronting the brotherhood of mankind now and for the foreseeable future. Every change in thinking required of man causes consternation to the order of the day. Why do we have to wait for governments to make statements, and adopt policies, when the experts.... the scientists, tell us overwhelmingly that this problem is real and getting worse. When we look back, 50 years from now, and ask if any social society called for change, will we be found wanting? Now brothers I know many of you think you are capable of expertise in atmospheric science and solar phenomena, but then you may consider yourself expert in other less exotic mechanics too, like auto repair, does that mean you never visit a qualified mechanic; or an M.D. for your body. This science is forecasting out decades, but the evidence is clear. Lets take a stand, lets be a voice in the wilderness for science, just as the Royal Society was once.

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