Thursday, September 10, 2009

1.618 the golden mean, by square and by compasses

The Pythagorians in Sicily used the pentagram as a mode of recognition, and the proportion of the golden section is inherent in it. Its use is the foundation canon for much sacred architecture, from the Great Pyramid to the Gothic churches. Nature exhibits the golden section in organic life, from the sunflower to the nautilus, to the proportions of the human; measure the navel to the feet and the head to the feet. It became associated with the occult, and it was kept also secret for stone tradecraft. The only tools required to make the golden proportion are the square and compasses, which are the emblems of Freemasonry. The capital letter G also happens to look remarkably like the spiral created by its proportion. The foundation of phi in the science of operative masonry is undeniable, and that speculative masons did not use these canons is notable. In Freemasonry the science of math and the standard of morality are married. If you look in Mackey's exhaustive work, you will not find reference to the golden mean. It was either lost or omitted. The physical creation vortices along gnomonic geometric matrix. Intelligent energy informed by love and freewill is still that which turns darkness to light and ever outward in greater circles from the organic central sun of consciousness. And then the the myth of the eternal return.
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