Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yahweh and Armageddon

One of the confounding historical explanations of Ra, relates to the saga of the Jewish peoples. In brief it suggests that Confederation entity Yahweh, meaning "he comes" had established genetic superiority in that people through cloning. Orion entities then influenced these peoples over time, to establish the concept of elitism, which is highly negative. Yahweh then 3,300 years ago began to send positively oriented material, and thereby joined against forces of darkness in the battle of Armageddon. While this material does exceed the threshold for some, however one must consider that at the time of Revelations writing, visions were considered credible. One must consider that all things measurable are transient and things spiritual are not empirical. And of course this bit of story has no origin in nor is lent authority from freemasonry. If one accepts the possibility of unseen forces serving the polar opposites, this then is a fine example of how over time, a primary method of influencing men is through unconscious communication, which does not abrogate the law of freewill.

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