Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mohamed Bouazizi and Revolution in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya

The bloody origins of the scarlet and brimless hat, the Hirom, lie in the idea of popular revolution. Now, in Libya, like the Cardinals in ancient days, the Dictator Gaddafi wears the scarlet hat, when actually it belongs to Mohamed Bouazizi, and educated man in TUNISIA who set himself on fire when the authorities debased his dignity and took away his ability to sell bread and fend for his family. In Oahspe, The wearer is Faithful Even Unto Death, and rising up against the unjust king, is given the death penalty and thrown to the lions, but predicts that his bloodied scarlet hat will bring down the corrupted king, which proves to be the case. First Tunisia, then Egypt, now Libya, the malevolent dictator kings are being themselves torn asunder, by the Hirom, worn by a rebellious youth. In Libya a mission impossible, to help the people who now fight machine guns with stones, against a ghost dictator who dreams and doesn't know that he is already dead. So Oahspe in Fragapatti, is revealed to be speaking of the Arab Street. " A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Ambassadors" .
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