Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Severe Weather, the Collective Consciousness, and Prophecies of Doom

It was interesting to hear one of the weather channels commentators mention that because there is so much more heat energy to be dispersed in the atmosphere now, by the jet stream, that it is logical that the weather is more severe. We will remember those devastated by tornados and floods in the heartland of the country. Earth changes, social collectives, and psychic weather,
Jane Roberts Seth in the Nature of the Psyche holds that our collective passions have an effect on the weather. I wonder if in times of war the weather becomes harsher. Carla Reuckerts Ra maintains that the discord on the surface of the earth, causes the subterranean forces in the earth to reflect that discord. Group prayer and meditation would in that theory cause planetary healing. In the law of doubling, this loving group joint effort produces exponential power. Ten minds dedicated to the same goal would have the power of just over 1000. The oft predicted coming polar wander or shift toward the new age energy is said to be aligning magnetic north at 20 degrees east of north, supposing that the change could occur gradually or radically, one wonders whether the melting of polar ice, equal to the area of six Californias in the last 30 years, means that the flood and age of Aquarius could point to a real deluge. Geology suggests that magnetic north has changed, evidenced by the alignment of rocks/crystals according to magnetic forces. Though this is much disputed.
Ra reminds the seeker on several occasions not to be overly concerned with thoughts of coming earth changes. Opportunities arise from catalyst, just as a teacher is of no use without a learner, someone who helps others is of no use without one being in need. To be overly concerned with doom is considered to cause fear, and fear is something that feeds the negative force. Ra says to go forth joyfully in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, our safety is never in doubt. The freewill of each person is the issue, what is our intention? What principle do we serve, that is the cable tow which binds the soul. Many well intentioned warners have had their messages confused by prophecies of doom.

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