Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Sword in the Stone and Saint Galgano

Check out link to title of this post. I was searching Cistercian abbeys of which there are many and came across the interesting story of Saint Galgano, who for reasons debated, appearently sank his blade into solid stone in Tuscany in the eleventh century. If I were to bet I would say it was not an admonition from his dreams which caused him to to do so but rather an anguished moment of faith when this man was considering abandoning the world and its glamour. The question arises though, can we believe in such an accomplishment in the physical world. Ra says that the Great Pyramid was made whole from Infinite Stone, Edgar Cayce says it was built by the same power which causes iron to swim. We know that in some tellings of Percival the first knight was Galvano, and of course the sword in the stone is part of King Arthurs tales. Many of us believe that the spiritual world is just beyond the physical law, but if this story were true, then the power to move mountain is within our capabilities just not our understanding.
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