Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13th 1307 The end of the Templar era

Thanks to Philip of France and Pope Clement V for the betrayal of the Knights Templar which occurred today 704 years ago, bringing about the end of the age of the crusades. If it had been allowed to continue perhaps it would have evolved into a greater order with greater goals than the taking of Jerusalem and pushing back the Mohammedan armies. A world wide order with the aspiration of universal brotherhood may have been advanced. Oh wait, that happened anyway. It is however not to be denied that power does corrupt and there is much proof of power being held by the Cistercians and the Templars. I can imagine in a feudal society how it could have been wielded. We can look to the banks and finance, as one of the prime movers that came out of the order. And we can note that in the most recent financial market crash it was on Oct 13th that the Dow made its single greatest advance in history, breaking the descent and giving a prospect of reversal.  Which did eventually come.

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