Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Athanor / Atanor of Alchemy

The Athanor of Alchemy. Know Thyself. Dross, gold and fire, purifying the metal of the soul. Divesting ourselves of the vices and superfluities of life, to fit ourselves as living stone for the builders use. The Logos' Plan is designed to give catalyst to the freewill experience, that is like fire and air for the forgers furnace, the metaphysical athanor. Through the choices we make and the consequences we encounter, by freewill, the metal of our soul becomes purified and the grade of the polarized soul in service to self or others is established. And Faith, the necessary element is found or not. Interesting, that scientific man has the tools and manuscripts to understand the philosophies of the ancients, combined with many new sources coming to us. Still it is very difficult for us to discern truth in this world, especially if we don't realize that our inability to prove Diety is a condition required for the leap of faith to occur. If it were easy we would probably reject it. They say that truth is simple but that man is complex. The more empirical we are, the easier it is to think we are separate from All That Is. The source of all distortion is the limit of the viewpoint, since we cannot conceive of a Diety capable of such exquisite design we miss the possibility that our reality is designed to engender faith and catalyze the soul to reach for its potential. So it is the limited mind, which discounts the potentials of the spiritual Plan of Logos and its unseen geometry. The alchemical knowledge, the toiling hermetic silence, of each seeker attempting to discern truth is the slow fire of the athanor which tempers the mind and heart toward a purified degree which is capable of teaching and learning and acting within the confines of brotherly love and affection, of service to others, not seeking and manipulating through power over others and separation from All That Is. Removing the dross of vice and superfluity with catalyst, becoming gold from lead.

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