Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spiritual Law and Newtonian Correlaries

The spiritual world, undergirds the material world.  The pleroma as we know it is about energy and transformation in magnetized space. For spiritual work to occur here, dualistic opportunity must exist. Suffering must exist in order to be alleviated, to teach, ignorance must exist, to serve there must be need. This is the freewill Plan, catalyst in myriad choices  enable the acceleration of soul evolution. As above so below, Hermetic tradition holds that the material world is as the spiritual world, so spiritual law is the matrix upon which the laws of the material world are overlaid. For example...Newtons reciprocal change of energy....mass in motion requires equal and opposite force to bring to rest....has the correllary in karma and forgiveness. This is cause and effect, and forgiveness is the force which will stop that wheel of karma. Reincarnation, of the infinite soul, can refer to the concept of preservation of energy, being transformed not eliminated.  As the Royal Society sought to understand the Creator through the natural sciences,  As above, so below. The laws of spirit cannot be abrogated, like the laws of Physics. There will never be concrete proof of Diety, as that would deny freewill to the leap of faith. 
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