Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Search for Esoteric Knowledge

Much has been written about the search for truth. Seeking the philosophers stone, the holy grail, the select gnosis. Much has been channeled, much that is within holy books, in Revelations, in sufi tales, in Kabbala, in the Nag Hammadi bible, in myriad recent channeled works, in the lore of  Percival, in Buddhas quest,  deeply searching, perhaps over many lifetimes. In the divination of the I Ching, in Zoroasters light, and the Delphis pool, having sought,  the dangerous waters of hidden knowledge are entered....daily. What is known, is that the quest   leads one to search for  select understanding and wisdom, which is perceived,  lays naturally  beneath the veil, of the outward manifestation of all that is. And as one proceeds along the way of organizing ones beliefs, and laying down the pathways of understanding, and satisfying  the heart and mind, the perils of that searching for a navigable route, can  wreak havoc too, upon the traveler. So look well to  quidance, and be mindful of the means of the search, for the lonely trials,  certainly await.  as they do for every voyager. And after they are mapped, one may end up at the same truth that was proferred in the beginning, or greater truths may be found. But having sought,  the way is clearer. And having arrived to a place of wisdom and understanding that is lived and can be hopefully worthily passed on, we can sound the depths a little easier together.
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