Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Ebb and Flow

Well readers, and I refer to myself primarily, it has been awhile, seeing you on the next dime. It is similar to the skein of a lifetime I image in the Akashic records, this internet. Once written, as the capacity appears to be limitless, there is no reason to take these data points down, unless by the writer  proper. I haven't been seeking wisdom lately except that of the joy of a life lived, freely enjoying this wonderful time and place, in this life. Free even from the concerns of judgement, hoping that that is not folly. Fair enuf. Hope all are well

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Search for Esoteric Knowledge

Much has been written about the search for truth. Seeking the philosophers stone, the holy grail, the select gnosis. Much has been channeled, much that is within holy books, in Revelations, in sufi tales, in Kabbala, in the Nag Hammadi bible, in myriad recent channeled works, in the lore of  Percival, in Buddhas quest,  deeply searching, perhaps over many lifetimes. In the divination of the I Ching, in Zoroasters light, and the Delphis pool, having sought,  the dangerous waters of hidden knowledge are entered....daily. What is known, is that the quest   leads one to search for  select understanding and wisdom, which is perceived,  lays naturally  beneath the veil, of the outward manifestation of all that is. And as one proceeds along the way of organizing ones beliefs, and laying down the pathways of understanding, and satisfying  the heart and mind, the perils of that searching for a navigable route, can  wreak havoc too, upon the traveler. So look well to  quidance, and be mindful of the means of the search, for the lonely trials,  certainly await.  as they do for every voyager. And after they are mapped, one may end up at the same truth that was proferred in the beginning, or greater truths may be found. But having sought,  the way is clearer. And having arrived to a place of wisdom and understanding that is lived and can be hopefully worthily passed on, we can sound the depths a little easier together.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Explosion of Liberty, the Law of Squares and the Divine Proportion

Ten multiples, ten people united in purpose has the power of over 1000.1, 2, 4, 8, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024. This is the exponential law which is the binding path of squaring, bound by unified intent. Similar as it is to fibonacci's law of gnomic growth 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987. This is the binding path of organic proportioning which as Kepler found reaches for the divine proportion or Phi,  repeating the central pattern as it grows.  We see today, accomplished by way of the world wide web, which now enables not only information to be widely available but also the individuals ability to tesselate and tile themselves as living stone to the cause of liberty, to the governing principle which unifies common man in his desire for liberty.  In the Arab spring and in Ukraine, in Venezuala and in parts of Asia, is the throwing off of the recent tyrants and thieves. The awarenss that liberty in the form of democracy can survive in a system of government, when combined with capitalism. Ultimately as more people on the earth become aware of this, and then perceive that the fight for liberty is worth fighting and dying for, as Jefferson blithely noted, the organic squaring of that power occurs. Then they will organize by means of computerized social networking and stand together upon the shoulders of their countrymen until they are free of oppression. At the center is Liberty, fraternity, and Equality. The governing proportion, the central squaring, and the arc of humanity towards  freewill, upon a level of time. Of course the trickier bits of being free of overwhelming debt and obligation are then in play. Freedom today isn't about how much ground you own, its about unleashing the human potential.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spiritual Law and Newtonian Correlaries

The spiritual world, undergirds the material world.  The pleroma as we know it is about energy and transformation in magnetized space. For spiritual work to occur here, dualistic opportunity must exist. Suffering must exist in order to be alleviated, to teach, ignorance must exist, to serve there must be need. This is the freewill Plan, catalyst in myriad choices  enable the acceleration of soul evolution. As above so below, Hermetic tradition holds that the material world is as the spiritual world, so spiritual law is the matrix upon which the laws of the material world are overlaid. For example...Newtons reciprocal change of energy....mass in motion requires equal and opposite force to bring to rest....has the correllary in karma and forgiveness. This is cause and effect, and forgiveness is the force which will stop that wheel of karma. Reincarnation, of the infinite soul, can refer to the concept of preservation of energy, being transformed not eliminated.  As the Royal Society sought to understand the Creator through the natural sciences,  As above, so below. The laws of spirit cannot be abrogated, like the laws of Physics. There will never be concrete proof of Diety, as that would deny freewill to the leap of faith. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Reincarnation and the Veil of Forgetting

It has been put forward that in a Plan of our Logos,  the evolution of souls is accelerated using the so-called veil of forgetting. Coming into incarnation the soul has no memory of previous incarnations. Being aware of multiple lives would prove the existence of soul, and thereby eliminate the leap of faith which requires that there be no proof of Diety. As these lives are  veiled, the mind/body/spirit complex i.e. person, is transformed, by  belief, derived from experience and thought, over multiple lifetimes, by karma, in which gains and losses through intention and desire occur, and by the choice of faith,  which rewards the believer for actions which are not fruitful in the material sense. By dedication to purpose, and so to polarize towards that choice of service, to self or to others, the entity refines the metal of the soul. If this veil of forgetting were not in place, the being might simply be unmoving, contented, knowing the ever present unity with Diety. Karmic debt from error would be avoided, who would make such a choice? No striving, since catalsyt and circumstance would not be sought or encountered; no polarity, since the dark side would be obvious illusion. Importantly, faith would be weak, as the one who never knows blindness appreciates vision less, compared to him/her who lived in darkness and then finds light. What is it about faith and freewill, that is so essential, that the whole of the material reality would be wrought to ensure it? Supposedly, in the less ornate arcana blueprint before this one, the pattern consisted of fewer stations, and was found to be less effective at accelerating the souls evolution. Much of the catalyst and experience of this illusion/reality is geared toward the transformative freewill choice of service. What would it be like without this veil, certainly daunting would be the consideration of how far the soul has to travel in order to evolve, were it aware of truth beyond our limited sight. To me, this suggests the sublimity of the Plan of Diety, the scope and love for all creation, the light which is created out of love and freewill. Organized, Everpresent, All That Is, good, bad and indifferent, in Whom nothing is lost or unloved. The usual disclaimer applies here, in that Freemasonry rejects dogma, and invites skepticism, consider what is useful from these ideas and leave behind what doesn't resonate.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Athanor / Atanor of Alchemy

The Athanor of Alchemy. Know Thyself. Dross, gold and fire, purifying the metal of the soul. Divesting ourselves of the vices and superfluities of life, to fit ourselves as living stone for the builders use. The Logos' Plan is designed to give catalyst to the freewill experience, that is like fire and air for the forgers furnace, the metaphysical athanor. Through the choices we make and the consequences we encounter, by freewill, the metal of our soul becomes purified and the grade of the polarized soul in service to self or others is established. And Faith, the necessary element is found or not. Interesting, that scientific man has the tools and manuscripts to understand the philosophies of the ancients, combined with many new sources coming to us. Still it is very difficult for us to discern truth in this world, especially if we don't realize that our inability to prove Diety is a condition required for the leap of faith to occur. If it were easy we would probably reject it. They say that truth is simple but that man is complex. The more empirical we are, the easier it is to think we are separate from All That Is. The source of all distortion is the limit of the viewpoint, since we cannot conceive of a Diety capable of such exquisite design we miss the possibility that our reality is designed to engender faith and catalyze the soul to reach for its potential. So it is the limited mind, which discounts the potentials of the spiritual Plan of Logos and its unseen geometry. The alchemical knowledge, the toiling hermetic silence, of each seeker attempting to discern truth is the slow fire of the athanor which tempers the mind and heart toward a purified degree which is capable of teaching and learning and acting within the confines of brotherly love and affection, of service to others, not seeking and manipulating through power over others and separation from All That Is. Removing the dross of vice and superfluity with catalyst, becoming gold from lead.

Origins of Freemasonry in Sacred Architecture

Whereas Freemasonry has some documented evidence of its origins prior to the early 18th century, there is a skein of proof in stone, that put to the test of logic and probability, suggests that the fraternity could indeed have origins back to the time of Egypt.
Logical premises must be acknowledged to outline the limits of the argument. First, that ancient architectural knowledge found to be economically useful would be jealously guarded, and that its prevailing use and dissemination would be determined by the limits of wealth, commerce and technology. The Art of Architecture would therefore be held secret to a degree and would only burgeon at times of economic prosperity when an organized system of government generated the excess capital necessary for great public works. It would be disseminated only to those proven worthy of its power and only to the limits of the educated society. Western culture has a continuous line of empire echoing back, from the Gothic-Christian era to the Greco-Roman and even to the Phoenician-Egyptian. So it is certainly possible that a body of growing architectural knowledge could have accumulated and been passed on. If so, then  geometric symmetry in design must resonate in harmonic analysis of  great monuments in all these eras. In other words, the designs of  buildings must have common blueprints and shared themes. This indeed proves to be the case.

The Great Pyramid and the tomb of Rameses, show a sublime proportioning theme. The mathematical and geometrical proportion known as the golden section is strongly projected in its construction. Known as "phi" and equal to 1.618, called simply the section by the Greeks as reported by Proclus "On Euclid" and considered by Kepler, in Mystericum Cosmographicum, in the 16th century "a gem, one of the 2 treasures of geometry "  The golden section is within the geometric pentagram,  found in every line with its intersects, and was said to be employed as a secret sign of brotherhood by the Pythagoreans, as Lucian writes "On Slips of Greeting."  The Great Pyramid triangle, with 1, being base edge to base center, phi, being the hypotenuse with angle of 51'50, and square of phi, apex capstone to base center, is the only right triangle, or triangle of equity, whose sides are in geometric progression. The Pythagorean theorem, with which we are all familiar, is also inherent in the Great Pyramid design. The Tomb ofRameses includes Phi within its geometric plan, using the golden rectangle, another extension of the phi theme. It is safe to say that the Egyptians utilized the section phi and that its priestly class of architects knew of the proportioning theme. We know that Pythagoras traveled there in his search of philosophy and may have been an initiate long before the Alexandrian school brought together learned men from all over the civilized west.

The Pythagorean viewpoint of reality naturally led to number mysticism which could easily have been transmitted mouth to ear, into cabbala, operative and speculative masonry, and Christian mysticism. So closely were the geometric secrets of the pentagram held and the constructions derived from it, that it is written by Iamblicus in his "Life of Pythagorus" that Hippasus, a Pythagorean, upon publishing the construction of the sphere of 12 pentagons, the dodecahedron, perished by shipwreck for his impiety, having been given credit for its discovery, whereas it really belonged to HIM (Pythagoras). Founded in Sicily and Calabria around 500 BC the brotherhood and school with its several degrees had great influence throughout Magna Graecia, to such extent that many of the Greek philosophers such as Plato, were said to be initiates.  The Parthenon is a virtual study in design using the golden section. Plato articulated the esoteric schools creeds, in Timaeus he writes, that "It was then that all these kinds of things thus established received their shapes from the Ordering One, through the action of ideas and numbers. That the vision that the universe is a harmoniously ordered whole, that analogy and symmetry, proportion and ratio govern the cosmos or order is much worked out by Plato and the Pythagoreans.

The Roman empire, reached even into England with its language, commerce and grand planned cities. The Pantheon of Rome  resounds with the use of Phi, in its construction.The practical secrets of building were transmitted by the corporations of stonemasons from the Roman "Collegia Opificum" and continued through the monastic architectural shops of the Benedictine Carolingians, to the secular guild craftsmen of the gothic age.

It is noted that the explosion of Cathedral building coincided to a degree with the returning Templars. Adding mortar to the secrets of design , new heights in building were achieved. Gothic designers added the cruciform theme, in praise of the sacrifice of the Anointed One. The predominant leitmotif which by dividing a circle into 5-10 or 20 parts automatically introduces the  potentials  of the golden ratio in harmonic design.  A substantial majority of Gothic cathedral plans  can be set within the fundamental Gothic Master diagram, based on the proportions of the Cut, T, Tau. The explosion of building occurred with great experimentation, closed arches and new techniques of ribbing and groining literally raised the roofs, advances in stained glass brought in the light.

The Lodges at Strassbourg and elsewhere gave out marks to second degree companions at the end of their probationary period, which remained for life their password and they had to be able to prove the mark with underlying lattice when traveling to other lodges. These master marks and their proof never shows the pentagram, pentagon or decagon and were not secret, and yet their proof was supposed to be close held, that would suggest that the golden section was not to be taught willy nilly. These marks did in fact get full use throughout cathedrals in Europe on keystones. The whole development of European and western Architecture with theme, As above, so below ,micro and macro cosmos with temple and savior perhaps linking the two is borne out in the geometry of the "divine "proportion Phi. The oldest Masonic documents from England suggest the king Athelstan established the first guild of Masons at York. The Cooke manuscript in the British Museum, a copy circa 1430 of an earlier document quotes Pythagoras (aka  Peter Gower in Mackey) and Hermes as having revealed the secrets of Euclidean Geometry to the human race and the same document obliges the mason to hermetic silence regarding the secrets of his craft.

It seems that the secrets of  sacred geometry kept winking in and out of view throughout the long western history, and this was logical too as given the tumultuous times, groups of craftsman scholars, and monastic brotherhoods, bound to silence would have largely been out of the struggles of power and public attention. These closed lodges would have been a magnet for people who desired the privileges afforded the journeyman stonemason.
Throughout the 19th century architects and archeologists tried to find the keys for the beautiful proportions of the Greek and gothic monuments, to find builder rules and canons of proportion. The secret of  greek symmetry and gothic harmonic composition resides in the Pythagorean pentagram and  denominates the golden section, which we find way back in the Great Pyramid and in the proportions of the rose, from the logarithms of the sea shell to the proportions of the human body. Take a measure from your feet to your belly , then a measure to the head. By means and extremes compare this to the numbers 1 and 1.618. Look at the joints of the fingers, see the divine proportion, a ratio found only in organic growth.
If you care to learn more about this, acquire the book " The Geometry of Art and Life" written in the 50's by Matila Ghyka, from which this article is largely taken, of a more recent vintage Mario Livio's The Golden Ratio is very well written.

Edgar Cayce on the Masonic Order

It is often asked if there is a connection between Freemasonry and Edgar Cayce. The American Prophet was not a Freemason. He did make mention of the order though in his voluminous work. The paperback book Edgar Cayce on Prophecy, published in 1967 by Carter, is a short compilation on the probable realities available to Cayce through the Akashic records, we are informed. Chapter 7, Destiny of Nations, opens as follows, The peace of the world will be shaped upon the American ideals and those of the masonic order! " Not that the world is to become a Masonic Order," Cayce explained, but that the ideals will prevail. It goes on to state that these were from 29 readings between '21 and '44. In another reading that "God is not a respecter of persons" and further in 1938 "Each Nation, each people have builded-by the  very spirit of the people themselves- a purposeful position in the skein, the affairs, not only of the earth, but of the universe!" So what we can gather from the channeled material is that the intentions of the individual and collectively the nation redound into the universe, and that a kind of collective karma marks the nations identity. Freemasonry no doubt had a large influence at the founding of America, and as we articulate that all men are equal and meet on the level, and that the Creator drops a plumb line true and unbiased in judgement, and that we travel upon a level of time from whence none have returned, it is good to know that the apron of freemasonry remains suitably unstained at the level of the Akashic record.

The Masonic Chequered / Checkerboard Floor

The allegorical teaching of the black and white chessboard floor in masonic lodges hearkens back to the free will choice that we all make on whether we will serve the principle of selfishness or selflessness, separation or unity, darkness or light, in this polarized material world. The black and white mosaic flooring is a long standing mystical symbol, the square shape oft representing the physical world, as opposed to the circle representing spirit.

If we accept the premise that the spiritual existed before the material and is the template upon which the physical world is overlaid, then the laws of physics are laid over on the spiritual laws. An example is the spiritual law of karma, its compliment in physics being Newton's (a freemason) laws of force in action and potential. We now know that matter exists in a polarized state of positive and negative electro magnetic force, within which it is ordered and work occurs, so too then the spiritual in the free will creation, for choice to exist and spiritual work to occur, the  extremes of the spirit must be real, both the good and the sin, that which missed the mark, in intention and in effect.

The checkerboard is therefore emblematic of the free will choice of service in the balanced and polarized world. Free will is one of the primary laws of our dynamic, it is required for faith to develop and for the metal of the souls purity to be established, in a environment where proof of Diety does not exist. It is said that no matter how far we plumb the innermost secrets of matter, we will not have proof of Diety, for if Diety were revealed, freewill as regards the choice of faith would be denied. The law is not to be abrogated.

It is a noteworthy achievement that Freemasonry has preserved the teaching of polarization in its ancient teaching, which emphasizes the seekers choice and path of service. The daily choices that one makes are shaded towards either the selfish or selfless service.  As one moves toward either the egoistic or altruistic pole, through belief, imagination and desire; the intentions and choices cause experience, which in turn draw on more catalyst, and so over time the purity of the metal of the soul is established. If one has conflicts: intending say ...benevolence but then acting maliciously, one will ineffectually keep bumping up against the same wall of confusion and stagnation, and the souls grading upon that scale of polarity, will reflect the lack of conviction, these are the fence sitters who do not choose a principle to serve.

Some say this  is but one density among many of the souls evolution, where self awareness is first nurtured, it offers The choice on a balanced field for the entity to gain, lose or be unchanged as regards the chosen service extreme, through self determination. The checkered floor is also analogous to the shepherds embrace, arms crossing the chest, signifying the choice, to serve either the right handed path, ankh of sacrifice in hand or that of the other hand, the path which pulls us to the illusion of separation, and control over others. It too is reminiscent of the two pillars to the temple, now known as Jachin and Boaz, strength and establishment, as all who remember the middle chamber long form can attest to, but anciently referring to the potentials of the mind in a polarized state. It has been said that a man can not serve two masters, and so it is, to establish a suitable grade within the confines here, one must choose to move upon the squares of darkness or of light, in order to advance to harvestable grade.

 The Creator turns from neither, as in reality, far beyond this illusion, all is truelly One. Logoi, Infinite Intelligence, existing before matter, created means for the acceleration of soul evolution, in which faith is helpful to move towards light. What is above written is mostly not an accepted tenet of Freemasonry, and is only one expansion of the basic premise of the pattern, which there is little dispute that it emphasizes freewill and darkness and light.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nag Hammadi Gnostic Library Gospel of Thomas

In 1970 the codices the Egyptian government released the 4th century codices which had been been found in an earthen jar in a cave near the town of Nag Hammadi. These were sacred texts concerning Neo Platonism and Gnosticism, and incorporated many apocrypha about the Master Jesus. The Gospel of Thomas in particular has many quotes attributed to Jesus. His parables are powerful and teachings require thought. "O lord, there are many around the drinking trough but there is nothing in the cistern" It is suggested that the Great IAM is within all things, turn over a rock I AM there, split a piece of wood , IAM there. In the Gospel of Philip it is said that the Master loved Mary more than any of the disciples and kissed her upon the mouth. At the council of Nicea much of Gnosticism was excluded, the accumulated mysticism which attempted to merge the teachings of Jesus into the ancient sophistry was excised making suitable a more plebian understanding for the masses as yet unable to lift there heads from the constant toil for survival. The Gnostic Bible illuminates much in the way of what may have been kept in the library of Alexandria before the arsons destruction, and of what the Essenes may have been influenced by, of the merging of astronomy, mysticism, natural law, and Hebrew tradition.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Educated Man is the Enemy of Tyranny

Freemasons in America were the force behind public education for a very good reason. They knew that men could be swayed in their thinking, and in order for a man to be an advocate for the Constitution, with all its lofty thinking, it would take an educated man to stand up for it. When you examine the ways in which men have been brainwashed over the generations it is usually the combination of dire circumstances and a lack of educated thinking.During Nazi Germany's rise, it was that after WWI the German economy was hamstrung and that the Great Depression was happening. If you look at Islamic Fundamentalism you see a complete lack of classic education, hence the Mullahs and the royal families can scapegoat external forces to explain the misery of the common man. In America today we see a declining quality of education amongst the people. We don't seek out underlying causes and motivations and we are easily lead by the powers and efforts of those who would keep us away from a thoughtful understanding of what is occurring.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mystical Service and the Chamber of Reflection

It has been said that when you serve others you are also serving yourself. That is true if you consider that in the effort to strengthen ones polarity towards service to others aka positive polarity, ones primary vehicle is that of selfless service. When each man in his mind privately considers his course, accomplishments and tenets of his life, he is bound to consider what he has done for others. One doesn't need to be a hermit on the mountain,, a great Maji, or some such. The simple understanding of the Law is that One should choose, ....serve others or serve self. And once the choice is made you move along that path to prove the metal. Does it sully the purity of the service if one has the motive of self improvement? Does it motivate action for the Seeker? In masonry we act in concert with our brothers, group action is more difficult than the action of the individual but can have exponentially good benefit.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bornholm, Gotland and the Hanseatic League

On the Island of Bornholm near Denmark in Scandinavia are found the Burgundian Templar Churches with a virtual study in sacred euclidian geometry in orientation. It also is home to northern europes largest medieval fortress Hammershus, built in 1200's as the launch point for Scandinavian crusades. Check out the book The Templars Secret Island by Haagensen and decide for yourself. At the very least the whole number system of measurement useful for our ancient brethren, at the back of the book is vital. The round churches are Templar design, very similar to the Newport Tower Rhode Island, and it is known that the island was named Burgunderland and is tied to the Templar story in France. Also found their was a cache of golden medallions with long haired kings depicted on them. Maybe you saw a bit of the History Channels "Holy Grail In America" film about the Kensington Rune stone. It leads to the book by Scott Wolter "The Hooked X". Supposing that a land quest party searching for a new foundation west of Vinland with an educated Gotland Cistercian monk, did get to the midwest of north america via the great lakes or the Hudson Bay. Edgar Cayce certainly suggests that Norrmen got all the way to Montana. These runes tell a tale and the author has well refuted all arguements against the Kensington Stones authenticity, at the very least. With Stone holes and the Sinclair voyage and the Newport Tower, with winter solstice alignment at the egg/keystone and Bornholm measurement system, your gonna enjoy it. One begins to see the logic of a Templar island strongholds in the Baltic Sea, between the Teutonic Knights and the empowered Hanseatic league out of Germany, at Bornhom and at Gotaland, whose standard by the way is a lamb bleeding into the Holy Graal. The tie between the Hanse associations and Masonry has been speculated upon and also the knights power to protect the rights of the craftsman within their strongholds. If the Hooked x is part of the Easter Table, secret dating table and we find it on Columbus sigla 80 years later. One has to consider that the Knights of Christ from Tomar would have the Gotaland Cistercian nordic mapping for their trip. Combine that with the Greek/Arabic/Jewish astolabes in the learned cartographer centers of Spain and Portugal, and you have fine potentials for navigation. Scott Wolter puts this together nicely, check out the Utube lecture Scott Wolter-1 through 7. No way a voyage with that much clout didn't have the best mapping. The whole new world exploration may have been promulgated because of the Cistercian connections in medieval Europe. So just like the secret/sacred geometry of Gothic architecture, from Gotaland, we have runes and triple dating using the secret easter tables, viking sagas and advanced astrolabes leading to the new world from Portugal and Spain, with the Knights of Christ, with templar masts, and Columbus sigla and reaching back further to the round templar structures at Newport with its Orphic Egg pointing to a New Jerusalem in good old Minnesota. The adaptation of Christianity was well along in Scandinavia by this time and no doubt the Charters of the Knights helped to sate the adventurous spirit of the Normen.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Law of Confusion

Also known as the Law of Freewill, it is said to be a governing principle of this veiled reality, a status said to be watched over and protected by many. The Seeker/Hierophant spends some time finding suitable answers to the big questions, often they are the answers that were given in youth, but the reasons why they are true just aren't adequately laid out. Confusion is noted in hindsight, when the full measure of learning has been accomplished. And once the individuals truth is formulated, the intentions will be undertaken. Or sadly one can take ones eye off the proverbial ball and never find ones intended path, wind up in neutral and sit on the fence, or reverse course in the incarnation and move toward the opposite polarity.
They say that it is the Logos' Plan, that we should seek in relative darkness, in order to appreciate the Light. Were it not for this veil of confusion, Importantly, the Plan wouldn't afford the accelerated Soul advancement that this polarized freewill plane/density offers. We wouldn't know the spectrum of suffering and sorrow nor joys and teach/learning which freewill and hence duality provides. Nor would we know Faith, since Diety would be obvious, nor the dharmic and karmic struggle, nor the choice of service/polarity, of which principle to serve, the selfish or selfless dynamic, on which the souls grade is supposedly determined, after many incarnations.
So we must find our own answers that ring true. Those accepted and freely chosen, as with faith, as absolute proof of Diety is unavailable. The leap of faith can occur in this environment. Like the Fool tarot card, stepping off into the abyss, we anchor our beliefs on a principle which apparently has little reward here, while the material polarized world often highly rewards self service. So the Soul makes sense of the confusion and chooses a direction. One path can lead at Harvest to the Adversary, That Which is Not, the dark pyramid of enslavement and power over others, while another path leads to the Collective of freely chosen understanding. The third and well trodden path is of indifference, that of having to repeat the grade because of not having met the high threshold required to advance beyond the Choice Density. This is similar to the separation of wheat from chaff, though in the course of time eventually we all advance/return to the Infinite Creator. Is there anything else?
So this is a version of the Law of Confusion, aka freewill, where the Choice is made, the choice which then empowers the will, which tempers the metal of the soul, in the fire of catalyst. Thanks for the opportunity to share this viewpoint. It is the viewpoint of The Law of One

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Geometry of the Flower of Life

It is found in the Osirian Temple in Egypt, perhaps the oldest of tombs discovered deep underground. Interestingly the geometric design is burned into the pillar by a technique which today we could not emulate, nor obviously could the ancient Egyptians. The flower is based on the vesica pescis, that symbol which most closely imitates the Diety in state of fractal holographic replication. And of course is used to also denote the Piscean Age, in which the Master Returned. Judging from the movie "Thrive" it is the essence of the future energy source, derived from Torus spin motors, some Tesla and some Haramein, yet to be designed. The "Thrive" movie looks to scapegoat the Rockefellers and other power brokers, which is unnecessary. Interesting that the focus is on fractals, as many times the crop circles demonstrate fractal designs. Organic fractals of course being those incorporating the golden mean, from the center out, while inorganic fractals can emulate the six circle matrix found in the flower of life, from any point conforming at the outer edge to the pattern. If it is so that the New Age is allowing to incarnate only Souls of positive polarity, then perhaps we will move from a system of organic like growth to one of inorganic growth, with less centralized power and free energy. Wouldn't that be a nice change for the exhausted Earth Mother. Wonderful that our ancient Brethren happened to build with square and compasses, those tools required to make the six petalled flower of Life.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Honey Bee and The Fleur de Lis.... a ramble

The Merovingians viewed the honey bee as sacred, 300 golden bees were stitched into Childeric's grave cloak, subsequently used by Napolean, who crowned himself. Clovis wife Clotilde of the Burgundians, and Bornholm, enocuraged the emblems use. The Burgundians having come down from Burgunderland (bornholm) after 100 AD. Bornholm where the later Templar round churches are found. Dagobert of Sion scrolls found at the church of Mary Magdalen at Rennes le Chateu comes later. The long haired princes of the Landeudoc in southern France, with their supposed lineage to Mary, ruled from the 5th to the 8th century in parts of France and Germany, defeating the Roman Syagrius and uniting parts of what would become France. The area was also the seat of the Cathars, heretics to the church destroyed in the early 1200's in the albigensian crusade. The honey bee may have become stylized in the Fleur de Lis by french court in the 1100's. The hexagonal honeycomb geometrically perfect, magical in its use for building, and industry, and perhaps representing Mary. The Fleur appears in many coats of arms, in Spain, in Luxemborg, medieval Bosnia and the City of Florence, birthplace of the Englighenment. Mary who was oft worshipped by early european Christians, some turning from the Norse Freya, like Rollo Ganga the Walker who founded Normandy. The Viking enclave which bound itself to the royal families of Europe in marriage and who gained Nuestria with the Treaty of St Clair in 911 promising to stop raiding, and his descendant William the Conqueror became King of England. We Freemasons are kinda fond of the honey bee too. Just a note of interest, it may be that a recently discovered microbiologic agent is infecting the bees and causing them to become disoriented and perhaps not return to the hive... leading to hive collapse. I hope we Freemasons don't suffer from such confusions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Magna Carta, The Marshall and the Master of the Temple

Watching the movie Ironclad the other night, I did alittle Wikipedia as the bodies were cloven. It would appear that one of the great knights of the era, William Marshall, whose tomb is in the London Temple, was present and an advisor to King John when he signed over rights to all freemen in the 1200's document. This document which initiated Hadeas Corpus, the right to be charged when held, was a great step away from the idea of King as Gods magistrate. The Master of the Temple was also present. So while these men were not on the side of the Lords and freemen, it is easy to think that this important charter, giving powerful rights to guildsmen may have contributed to the transition from Templars to Freemasons and to the rights of man. Marshall, who had fought in the Holy Land, was made a Templar on his deathbed. Does anyone have any comments further on the subject?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13th 1307 The end of the Templar era

Thanks to Philip of France and Pope Clement V for the betrayal of the Knights Templar which occurred today 704 years ago, bringing about the end of the age of the crusades. If it had been allowed to continue perhaps it would have evolved into a greater order with greater goals than the taking of Jerusalem and pushing back the Mohammedan armies. A world wide order with the aspiration of universal brotherhood may have been advanced. Oh wait, that happened anyway. It is however not to be denied that power does corrupt and there is much proof of power being held by the Cistercians and the Templars. I can imagine in a feudal society how it could have been wielded. We can look to the banks and finance, as one of the prime movers that came out of the order. And we can note that in the most recent financial market crash it was on Oct 13th that the Dow made its single greatest advance in history, breaking the descent and giving a prospect of reversal.  Which did eventually come.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Percival and the Fisher King

To be one ask and you shall find.....knock and it will be opened unto you...and etc.
Percival sups upon the generous Kings delicacies and sleeps on feathered bed and is given the greatest hospitality in his misty mountain top castle outside of time and even the Grail is brought to his attention. But he was told never to ask questions so not to be ill mannered. And so the Fisher King must continue paralyzed. Had Percival simply asked about the Grail, the King would have been miraculously healed. Alas poor Percival awoke the next day alone and was given an unescorted departure. To seek....nothing is found if nothing is sought. It is the same in Freemasonry, you have to ask. The same with have to seek.