Sunday, January 27, 2008

Akashic Records

Every thought, every action, every intention, leaves its mark upon the universal record. Supposedly even intentions that don't get carried out, effect some level of the time/space probable reality. The akashic record or hall of records, are that which Edgar Cayce was able to access. However as regards future probable realities, that are subject to change, Edgar Cayce's and for that matter other Seers, picked up the most likely to occur reality. If humanity veers from a highly likely probable reality then whole other probable realities take shape and manifest. So as far as future probable realities once action is completed the door closes on a bunch of unmanifested probable realities and a whole host of new doors open, in a room full of mirrors.


Patricia Sheehy, author said...

Intention is as powerful as any action and can shape our present and future lives. When writing my most recent novel, Field of Destiny, my character had to read her Akashic Records and I found myself describing the experience from a place of knowing.Very fascinating. I like your comment about "a room full of mirrors."

Patricia Sheehy, author
Field of Destiny, Veil of Illusion,

Radcliffe said...

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