Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Alienation and spiritual allergies

The Law of One source, Ra, has suggested that many people born into this world have vibratory levels which do not easily mesh with those of this highly polarized and confused collective consciousness. Physical manifestations of allergic reactions, can result. Also if one feels isolated or different, the same vibratory dissimilarities could be the reason. Of course, once one commits to the path of searching for the immutable truths it is also often necessary to remove oneself somewhat from the general population influence, those who seek such are not presently a high percentage of the people. Thats the beauty however of the Law of One, service to othes path. If one internalizes this path, while recognizing the different wavelength of the fellow man, one still dedicates self to otherself benefit. And as the internet proves, you are never alone, closer than your breath, is the Infinite Intelligence!

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