Sunday, February 24, 2008

Freemasonry and Christianity

While Freemasonry invites men of all Faiths known to our world to come together as one, its origin and greater appreciation has been from those of the Christian faith. It will unlikely accomplish its divine purpose unless men of other faiths come to its banner. We look forward to the day when Buddhist, Shinto, Taoist and Confucian shall join us. The sons of Abraham are hopelessly mired, it would seem in the confusion of bloody sacrifice, and gematria. Fundamentalism has recently done more to dissuade men from gathering toward this universal objective, with narrow interpretations, orthodoxy and dogma. If the richest, most educated peoples on the earth today are unable to agree with Freemasonry's aim, hiding behind the limits of empiricism and elitism, we can only dream that those who still toil endlessly for the daily bread will contemplate the great ideal of a universal brotherhood of mankind.
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