Thursday, February 21, 2008

When the lion lays down with the lamb

What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding? Elvis Costello had it right. Why does the age when we can live without fear elude us. When would we not have to protect ourselves from the minions, if we want to live. The Zoroastrians and Knights Templar had it right, this is the freewill plane where dark forces have an equal shot at ruling the hearts and minds of souls. As the Experiencer here will be exposed to fear, and sacrifice and love etc. When a soul chooses to adhere to the martyrs path, the terrestial life can surely end, and the violence could continue. And yet if that mindfulness of the hanging man, the Esse, Significator of the mind, the Martyr... If one has no fear of the after life, when one chooses a life of service to others and adherence to the principles of non-violence, how can that Great Way be considered ineffectual, it is unyielding in passivity..the avoidance of fear, the adherence to principle. What nation can be governed by benevolence and standing armies also, when the bread of the nation is wrougth from the resources of the earth. In this world those who seek power are born to every nation, and many born to seek service to others become confused. And through it all, over many lives, the vibration of each is established, that is the constant. If you believe...someday the carniverous will not incarnate with the herbivour...maybe the lions will lay down with the lambs. Some would say when hell freezes over.

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