Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The mystery clad true north

In Masonic Lodges we do not have an officers chair in the north, we have chairs in the east and west as the sun travels such, and a chair in the south so that we may observe our solar companion. We circumambulate our altars with our right hand, the hand of righteousness always toward the Volume of Sacred Law, but as our planet rotates on its axis toward the northern star, we have no light coming from the northern part of the lodge. When a brother is brought from darkness to light, as the hoodwink is removed, we have formed the living horn of the altar around him, and I believe that our elder brothers would look down upon us with kindness as we perform our beloved rituals. The northern polar star which has ever guided the wanderers of this world is a mystery of constancy, like truth.


Masonic Traveler said...

Lest we forget the procession with Osiris, as the journey is undertaken.

Radcliffe said...

True that, bro.

Jeff said...

In Oregon, the Chaplain has a chair in the north, opposite the Junior Warden. The ritual doesn't mention it particularly, it just happens to be there. In my Lodge that chair has a five pointed star on it, as opposed to the square, level, and plumb found in corresponding positions on the Master and Wardens' chairs.