Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gnostic Ascension

Supposing the Truth which resolves all paradox, is unveiled after our continuous calling through the ages, how will the climb to that Upper Chamber be made by the Seeker. To synthesize the raw data, a climb up a well set stone stair should be known, instead of a rickey ol' stairway. No matter how squared away and geometrically sound is that Upper Platform of Universal Truth, the narrow climb is still required. Like the Magical Communal Host, the grafted grape vine, the eternal return and renewal; the adding on of a new lineage is not unheard of, just as the Christ completely reversed the teaching on the eye for an eye, and Akenaton brought monotheism out of a polytheism. Obviously the tabula rasa approach of awareness starts with many belief structures being swept away, and this is problematic... though a time tested means. Conflicting belief structures, as the Seth Material observes, are often a way to confusion, so clarity needs to be established. Just as the Anoited One, clearly established forgiveness as the stopping of the wheel of karma and brotherly love as the Golden Rule of Unity. And as the Trismagisterus established that As Above it is Below. The Buddha the search within, Pythagoras the canons of proportion and sacred Geometry. The Hindu of reincarnation and the Infinite Brahma, dividing into All that Is. And lest we forget that hard to synthesize warning and Judgement Day of Mohammed. The Judaic adherence to purity, and the list goes on....One mountain, many paths...but know that the veil is being removed.
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