Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Catalyst of War

War is transformative, history shows it the single massive rapid catalyst in our experience, of our own creation. Catalyst being that which causes the mind/body/spirit complex to alter the polarity choice/course. To evaluate success or failure is to weigh out the polarity change of the involved toward service to others, versus service to self. The greatest impact is made by those in human contact. The helping hand, the gift for the child, school built, usurper denied, the improving aspiration and pursuit of happiness, etc. One thing war does, after the dust settles, is show the world the nature of those engaged. It shows the true intent, national interest, including the control of resources, and exposes the hypocrite, and confused, and when the victor chooses to relinquish control and restore freewill also. Enhancing the experience of oppressed people, is done by hard pressed soldiers, who give the full measure. The Marshall Plan, the iron curtain, the hasty departure and Pol-Pot, Korea and subsequent capitalist vs communist results. To provide our goodwill ambassadors, our soldiers with gifts for the children and families of Iraq and Afghanistan, would help. To seed catalyst this way, and see a smile from a youth, an agreeable grip. Humane acts can change the tenor of a persons mind and heart. Lets stop leaving our soldiers emply handed. When Lewis and Clarke went off, trade items for the tribes were a most valued possession.
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