Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ones Mark and Inheritance

What you invest your money into generates personal and national karma, just as much as the personal deeds and group action does.They say that unbridled capitalism is the way to improve all mankinds condition. However using that modality we have seen a failing of present markets. The underlying cause may be that, what is built on a lie or upon a weak foundation will fail. The credit crunch is about lack of direction and standard. Wealth accumulation is not a standard and has no direction. Do we note that Germany is now doing some of the best works of any nation, solar power in a country so far north and overcast? That with high tax on gasoline and luxury, euro markets are more stable and efficient, while our country props up corporate vice and looks to put more straws in the ground. What you invest in will be your inheritance. If we put our money into war machines, we will inherit death. If we put our money into corporations that produce nothing but dislocation and usury, we will be dislocated and burdened. Into a country that oppressses its people, then we will be judged without mercy. Into corporations that care not for environment then we will inherit a place of contamination. The corruption of our system, overtaken by a failing of morality, what a shame if it proceeds. In Edgar Cayces time, he foretold the market crash, and said that it could only be forestalled or averted by conviction to a return to upright moral conduct. It didnt happen, do we still not see the connection? That'll be cash on the barrelhead son, make your mark.

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