Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Ideal Freemasonry

Freemasonry, as a society of friends and brothers, has within it the archetype of universal brotherhood, based not on religion but upon the so called golden rule. That rule of thinking persons, who do not require that other men see God in the same way that they do in order to live together peacefully, or to gain Gods favor for that matter. The rule of order and progress calls us, a man need not change the faith of his birth to be a true brother, this was known to the ancients and has been forgotten in our ignorance. We accept that all men are brothers whether or not they act as such. That a man has the orientation which requires that all men meet on the level of equality and act squarely with one another is encouraged. Do we fall short of our stated objective? certainly we do. The ideal is seldom obtained, especially in group action, right intention is the key, and there is none better, I daresay. Who are the spokesmen for our fraternity, we need not check with any hierarchy to speak our minds, we are free to do so. If a chord is struck with your intuition and thinking, perhaps you are meant to join us.

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Gingerman said...

Check out and Masonic Peace Institute. Both are honchoed by Dave Daugherty, and have these goals in mind.