Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Printing Press and The Internet

The printing press exploded Luthers objections to the European world, and all of a sudden everyone realized they had the same objections to the controlling order of the day. Now we have a new explosion of information, the internet, which will carry the same liberating realization, not just to Europe but to the whole world, that people again are not content with the controlling order of the day. So what will they find on the net? Unrivalled answers to their questions.Is there life after death: Yes, reincarnation is the rule in many Plans within the universe. Is there a Judgement Day coming in the new age: Yes, we will reap what we have sown, good bad and indifferent, and the new age is dawning. Why does God let bad things happen: He, It, doesn't, we have freewill and many lifetimes and are unable to penetrate even the higher intentions of our own souls, nevermind Gods. Is there life on other planets: Yes, in the plenum of the physical universe life exists in many places. Does the spiritual world exist: Yes and it is more diverse than we can imagine. Do good and evil exist: Yes, and its just part of the Freewill Plan, everything works out to the good eventually. Is there order to the cosmos: Absolutely! Freemasonry has long propounded that we travel upon that level of time, from whose bourne no traveler returns.... a cautionary note to those whose faith tells them that the anwswers have been known, or are becoming known, such as this post also. However this does not imply that we are ignorant.

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