Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Keystone, The Stone the Builders Rejected

This concept suggests that what is seemingly of little use for the uninitiated builder in this world is what is essential in the spiritual world. Does it agree with the order of, as above so below? In that what yields in the material world is renewed. There is a spiritual principle defined, called seniority of vibration, it holds that when a new age dawns, only those souls at the cusp or threshold, capable of entering the vibratory quality of that new age are able to incarnate, so as to experience catalyst capable of raising the souls quality. Those entities not near the purity of grade in service required are not primarily able to incarnate, as they likely are to repeat the grade anyway. Harvestable grade service to others is 51%, while service to self requires 95% self interest, in between is the sinkhole of indifference. This agrees with our chief corner stone ideal. The pinnacle of human evolution is the apex of faith and service, and its use for building walls is limited being more suited to crown or allow for the aperture, such as the cap or keystone. In yielding, and forgiving, freedom from the web of karma, and reaching upward to that radiating grace. As Jehoshuah noted, one must be dead to this world in order to live in the real world.

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