Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Quantum Saints in Probable Cities of God

The quantum probable universe proposed by Seth, and confirmed by Ra, has wide acceptance among new age thinkers. One of the hallmarks in that view of using creative force is that the imagination, desire and belief all contribute to the likeliness of a particular probable vorticey taking form. That until the chosen actionable now closes out the field realities, those thought form potentials exist to a greater or lesser extent. Cayce always maintained that mind is ever the maker. So there is spiritual efficiency in adding the element of love to every probable reality. As we build imaginings of what the future will be, visualizing loving service into every possible/probable moment, is according to Ra, a very accelerating way to think. Imagine the saints and the realities they have confronted and how they found their way to that ultimate service to truth and love, then in your thoughtform probable realities the same tenets applied. Saint Teresa, Saint Francis, Saint Augustine, working in every quantum probable City of God. Its like sending myriad peaceful warriors into every possible moment. Also though, Ra notes, that the more balanced one becomes, the less necessary it is to explore possibility/probability vortices.

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