Monday, March 3, 2008

The Prophecy of Nations

This country was founded upon principles of freedom. Now there are so many forms of enslavement in the western world as to hardly make it worth noting. Edgar Cayce wrote of the karma of nations, appetite, selfishness and elitism are oft cited as the sins of a nation. We have allowed corporations to take over our government. Will these powers realize a good use of the collective power? Spiritual judgement is assured, and it will not be easy on CEOs. The corporation is an entity without a conscience, existing to make profit, but that doesn't free them from guilt. Movies like Who Killed the Electric Car, The Smartest Guys in the Room and Corporation show what the earth collective consciousness is up against. The masses like water take the path of least resistance and will turn to conservation only when carbon and CO2 stays costly. If a person has a stock or mutual fund which invests in a "negative" corpor, is that person judged by association? We are responsible for our actions, and each jot and tittle will be accounted for. The way is soon clear for the choice of Iraqis on how to govern themselves. And we must free ourselves from unprincipled perveyors of exploitation.


Charles E. Martin said...

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Gingerman said...

As long as businesses (corporations) are allowed the rights of persons, their power will continue to grow, and they will be allowed to operate in their best interest rather than in the interest of our nation and world. People are allowed to do bad or do good. It seems to be the nature of people to choose bad where it serves selfish ends.

Radcliffe said...

The morality of profit is a hazy concept for us. We divorce ourselves from the far away consequences of our investments. It is plain tho that we are collectively responsible for the actions of our nation, corporations and species. Ra notes that it doesn't distinguish between people, as all are one.