Monday, April 14, 2008

A Plan of God

In the Ra Material, Law of One, a primary theory is proposed on the Plan of our Logos. It is a Plan for soul evolution, an evolution of the breathe of God, sparked forth courageously and then returning, more aware. Seth also maintains that all is consciousness. That energy unifies and attains mass then imbeds in the mineral world with matrix and atomic structure. The consciousness begins to vortex upward for light, as a plant for the sun. Then a soul developes self recognition and freely moves toward the preferance of service, to self or others. By choice the souls metal graded, and tested by freewill, over many lifetimes, further on it proceeds.To the socalled light or the dark polarity, which by the way it is argued is a path based on illusion and separation from Diety, and is therefore built on that which is not. And Ra assures us that over the infinity of time/space all will be well, that our safety is never in doubt and that God is closer than our own breath. I for one would like to see our little experiment on earth proceed, so lets become better stewards of our earth mother please, and stop squabbling over resources like children.

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