Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vices and Superfluities

Dross and fire, purifying the metal of the soul. Divesting ourselves of the vices and superfluities of life, to fit ourselves as living stone for the builders use. The Creators Plan is designed to give catalyst to the freewill experience, in a veiled state, that is like fire and air for the furnace upon impure gold. Through the choices we make and the consequences we encounter, over many lives, the metal of our souls becomes purified. This is the alchemical symbolism of the athanor. The only difference is that now we are in a crucial incarnation according to the Great Pyramids teaching as described by the Pyramid Decoded. Interesting, that modern man has the tools and manuscripts to understand the philosophies of the ancients, combined with many new sources coming to us. Still it is very difficult for us to discern truth in this world. If it were easy we would probably reject it. They say that truth is simple but that man is complex. According to Ra in the Law of One, the source of all distortion is the limit of the viewpoint. So it is the limited mind, which discounts the potentials of the spiritual Plan of Logos and its invisible potentials. The choice in the freewill plane is to believe and develop faith and purify the grade of service. Thus the fool steps into the abyss.

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