Saturday, April 19, 2008

Psychic Attack

What do we really know about the assault by thought. Accepting as we do that thoughts affect the body through at the very least the humors or endocrine system, that mind is always the form maker, must presume that the mind/body/spirit is complex and integrated. Psychic attack also presumes malevolence on the part of conscious adepts of the self service polarity, on the freewill plane and more ethereal planes often called the worthy adversary. Logical, but non empirical, inquiry requires that denial of these premises invalidates the whole arguement. So assuming that negative/dark entities desire to put out light sources, how do they prioritize and what means do they use? It is said that they use the distortions and unbalanced biases which open weaknesses of the individual and then by deceit and confusion attempt to diminish or extinguish the light bringer. As fear is often a goal for them, a loving embrace is one the most effective defense as it depolarizes them. Should one be wary of paranoid delusional thinking, attempting to banish the invisible? Few sources draw such powerful foes. Correct action, balanced thinking of opposites and goodness are usually enough to keep such elements at a distance.
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