Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Orthodoxy of the Eastern Religions

In the western tradition, reincarnation is not the rule, from the Egyptians on down, one life was weighed for its good effect and judgement rendered by Diety. In the East the accepted Orthodoxy is that reincarnation is integral to the Plan of God, for his Creation. Leaving aside the agreement this has with Hermetic/scientific law, and Christs veiled hints in his teaching, we must agree that reincarnation is completely logical. And if anything the Diety is likely logical, throughout Its creation, mathematical inquiry leads to distant shores of logic. Reincarnation allows for the alleviation of karma outside of the limits of time. Imagine a soul trying to alleviate a debt caused on others during a time of famine. Born at a time of abundance, it would be easier to obtain the necessary cues and act. It also enables an evolution of progress, a sort of long range plan for the individual soul, lessons to be learned one step at a time. As such born veiled to Truth, in order to make the leap of faith, the lack of reincarnation would likely mire the unsuspecting soul who becomes misguided during a given lifetime of confusion and freewill. At times of enlightened thinking and less toilsome efforts to sustain the body, the soul can find answers which may cause a quantum leap to faith and service to others. Anyway you slice it reincarnation makes sense. Thank goodness recent seers have pointed us in that direction and communication with the East has opened to us.


Greg Stewart said...

Dare I suggest, the lost masters word... the completion of the loop only to see the spiral. I've toyed with the notion of the point withink the circle on a three dimensional plane no longer is just a circle with two lines, but a spiral, or part of a staircase, to infinity.

It may seem odd, but my masonry has brought me into a lot of Hindu thinking.

Nice post brother.

Unknown said...

And the vortexing energy is a powerful emblem, as in hurricanes.

kikz said...

traveler... i just finished reading a new entry on

concerning rosicrucian/hermetic ideas of the spiral.....

here's the link if you're interested...

secret doctrine of the rosicrucians
magus incognito 1918.

part XI the soul's progress