Friday, April 25, 2008

The Templar Standard and Gandhi

The Templar standard the Beausant, black over white, is reflective of the Zoroastrian tenet that evil must be taken on by good, of the oppressive power above the subservient and surrendering power below. Selfishness dominates selflessness. Gandhi and M.L.K. following the traditions of Christ demonstrated that a governance which touts the equality of men, must abhor violations of that tenet when confronted with such, but not until the masses demonstrate that "you can take my life but my integrity never". It is ironic that India had to show the world the elitism of Brittanias rule, the wellspring of Freemasonry. The use of violence to overthrow oppressors is embraced ineffectually by impoverished peoples, this is why rulers keep the people scratching out a living. Now in the world the masses are being kept with nose to the grindstone by no alternative to oil energy dominance. If Gandhi were alive today he wouldn't be spinning his own cloth, he would be erecting a solar tower and driving hybrids if not riding a bike. The huddled masses must again throw off the oppressor, this time its oil power. We can't have affluence in the world with the present energy profile. Enslavement finds a way, and so lets again wave the Templar flag, this time before the green turns. Namaste

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