Saturday, May 3, 2008

Serrendipidy and coincidence

If you consider that there are no accidents and that every moment in this wondrous machine has vast energies behind it, from the comets hitting Jupiter, to the sand as it blows upon the dunes, you can draw the conclusion that in our lives there is no coincidence. We know that the law of cause and effect, is not random, and easily explainable. There may be an equally weighty law governing time/space and events which is outside of that, a spiritual law. After all the eternal now, is all that is, and surely there must be order to it. And we are told that the spirit speaks in serrendipidous ways. Allowing the teachings of the spirit to enliven our world. So the ancients looked for omens, and in the straws/coins of I Ching. It is no small thing to be a harmless people or a people righting wrong, and the karma of a people is carried forward. If one is full of fury, or resentment, the spirit will show that wall blocking the way. This vast machine whose workings we do not understand is full of order, not randomness, we can't understand it now, but we still can learn, if watchful for the teachings of seemingly coincidental serrendipidy.

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