Saturday, May 10, 2008

Love your enemies

Jehosuah said that we should love our enemies. That arguement to me is that what is most powerful is that it is unconditional. Not the same as pushing back against the forces of that which is not, when one is cornered to an untenable position, good pushes back to the point of equilibrium. That is sortof the limit of an eye for an eye. So to say that we shouldn't talk to our enemies, that it somehow legitimizes them, is patently absurd. Through back channels the talk goes on all the time. Are we concerned that the American people can't handle it if we speak to Iran, or that Iran will get too big for its britches? What is the price of communication today? Nothing... you pick up the phone and its as if you are in the next room. We have been talking to Iran, we bombed its long time enemy, and we opened the opium trade and stopped the wanton execution of Afghan women by the Taliban, high props. Now its time to get out...there is a point of equilibrium and their people have cell towers and a taste of freedom.

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