Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Great Pyramid and the antechamber

The preparation of candidates in the anteroom is a time for introspection. In the Great Pyramid, the antechamber is mostly Granite, symbolizing its spiritual nature, similar to the Kings Chamber, with its geometry of infinite time/space, all of granite. The entire rest of The Great Pyramid is of limestone. The only possible design which embodies both Pi and the golden section. The antechamber is the access to the portal of the Kings Chamber, and access is not automatic there, shown by the symbolic triple veil portcullis. It protrudes into the Grand Gallery with the Great Step, that date may be the commencement of the Kosmon era, dated by OAHSPE at 1848. The Pyramid Decoded by Lemesurier is the most comprehensive look at the numerologic study of the Pyramid, tho not the first i.e. Smyth. Edgar Cayce validated many times the timeline of the inner compartments. The sacred geometry of the kings chamber is beyond belief, and the triple test of the antechamber suggests that successfully reaching harvest, or graduation from this plane of existence, is no easy passage. Also I think that the limestone coming down from above at the back of the antechamber may suggest an elevator like quality, that qualifying for spiritual entrance to the timeless Kings Chamber is almost unattainable when considering the multitudes of souls who have led lives here on earth. O'Being, that high demand for a chance to incarnate into a planet near harvest, as our is, is so high, it speaks of the great potential for consciousness raising at this moment. What to do? of course redouble your efforts, toward the service of your choice, to others or to self. Remember in the Nag Hammadi, Christ even noted how difficult it was for him to maintain his own grade of purity. Love all that is, in every moment, the sacred Boss, the living bread.
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