Saturday, June 14, 2008

Washington D.C. and the New Jerusalem

The layout of Washington D.C. has long been associated with masonic geometry. The orientation of these streets and buildings of course can be attributed to the surveyors arts. And yet, there has been the suggestion that mystical intent was involved with the design, done by a masonic architect, in the planned layout on part of Washingtons estate. Many would dismiss this just as many would rather not consider Bro. Isaac Newtons mystical side. He surely had one, he searched for a bible code and was an alchemist. Just as we have divorced astrology from astronomy, and God from science, we err when we reject prophecy and mystical considerations, of what men have sought to create, to silently consider in their hearts, of a promised land across the Atlantic. Worse than that we allow the fundamentalist to label our fraternity a satanic order because we seek to bring all reasonable people together in peace, under our common heritage of faithful God fearing peoples.
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