Monday, June 16, 2008

The Battle of Evermore

Freemasonry is at its regular point of dichotomy as to the hearts and minds of the brothers. It reflects that of our society. We have new agers, drawn to its inclusive nature as to faith and logic, and we have the conservatives, drawn to its conservative conventional morality. The two have commonalities of the heart, justice, charity, the search for truth and liberty. Yet when it comes to the mind, a radical divide exists between us. It is the limit of the viewpoint, as always, which divides us. Some men define belief with intuitive parameters of finite possibility while other men define belief by logical potentials of infinite possibility. Its always been that way and why in lodge assembled we dont discuss religion or politics. For my Grandfather the limit of faith was satisfied with Lazarus, for me the limit is the Logos thought of I am. Its much the same, but I like to argue about similitudes anyway.
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