Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tesla and Blavatsky in 1893 Worlds Fair

The physical reality is polarized, positive and negative, the spiritual equivalents are the poles of service to others or service to self. This is the nature of the individuals choice, with all the degrees in between the poles of ultimate selfishness (self love) and ultimate selflessness (otherself love), as all is One. The equivalent law in the material world enables the different types of electrical conduction. Direct or DC current is exemplified metaphysically by a service which is unidirectional, one source radiating and one absorbing. In the physical world, AC power is much easier to use in order to span the vast distances in transmission. AC or alternating current, spiritually, is reciprocal, where neither source gives or takes exclusively, but alternates in service sometimes receiving sometimes giving. I'll bet its the same spiritually, across the ethereal heavens, movement under the AC type love/energy must be much easier. Alternating current was invented by Nikola Tesla, Westinghouse funded his lighting of the worlds fair in Chicago 1893, the same year that Blavatsky's secret doctrine was published. This launched the next phase of the industrial revolution, and soon the conversion from steam to electric factories was transitioning. This could be seen as part of the enlighening of the Kosmon era starting in 1884, the great step from grand gallery to entry to antechamber, thats on the level of the Kings Chamber.

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Masonic Traveler said...

An interesting idea. I wonder how one could relate the ideas of AC/DC to a metaphysical state. Is the AC state a expansive progression, consciousness perhaps? Where as DC may be a form of linear (prayer, meditation, short span connections), an igniter to connect the soul to the source?

In one mystical tradition I follow it suggests the connection between positive and negative charges and how they interact with the neutral middle. I've not thought about the conduit though.

Interesting stuff.

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